Read this: framing, mise en scene and building community

Think about it: The socially anxious framing of “Mr. Robot” and how it’s used to tell stories. On that topic, here’s an interesting post about how to build tension, and some tense-scene tips from the master.

How to speak movie: mise en scene. And, if you dig that, here’s an in-depth study of the term. Most importantly, here’s why it matters.

Cheap thrills: Got $50? Great, then you can afford cinematic lighting. So there. And, how to make a floating GoPro mount out of a plastic soda bottle.

Make it work: How to get people to come to your screening, podcast with Alex Petrovich. (ICYMI: see our post about how to master networking at film festivals and screenings without being a jag.)

Writers, write: What JFK can teach us about speech writing. Also, dig the power of a speechless statement and what Kurosawa can teach us about storytelling.


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