Strangewaze Press

Strangewaze Press is an independent, boutique press specializing in books and multimedia works, with special focus on subculture and memoir. Led by a team with extensive publishing experience, Strangewaze Press strives to support unique literary works through its thoughtful, creative and digitally-focused approach to the publishing and author promotion process.

Strangewaze Press also oversees several niche-content sites including our recent yoga-focused addition and a forthcoming essay-focused site focusing women’s solo travel.

Our spring catalogue will be available mid 2018.

We are currently only reading solicited manuscripts, but we like meeting new people and believe in community (Twitter and Facebook are good places to start), so there’s that. Please address press and speaking inquiries here, and for inquiries about events, partnerships and sponsorships, please contact our community office.

For information about out business and creative services for creative entrepreneurs, please visit our services page.