Multiplex 10 is out!

Multiplex10posterYou’ve seen the Multiplex 10 trailer, and, no doubt, eagerly awaited Multiplex 10’s official release. Wait no more! Gordon McAlpin’s animated comedy short about the film-loving and customer-weary staff of the fictional Multiplex 10 Cinemas is officially available on Vimeo on Demand as of today, and will begin a film festival run almost immediately, as well as begin screenings at select theaters across the country. For more information about upcoming (and past) screenings, visit the Multiplex website’s screenings page.

Rent or buy the short through Vimeo here. (And, enjoy this bonus [free!] mini-episode, “Oscar Pool.”)

Based on McAlpin’s long-running webcomic, Multiplex, the original comic strip chronicled the character’s lives over the course of twelve years, yet this animated version is part reboot and part prequel. While fans of the comic will love seeing these characters brought to life, Multiplex 10 will also appeal to movie lovers, anyone who’s ever worked a minimum wage job, and anyone who’s had an annoying friend who just can’t shut up about why the things you like are terrible.

Strangewaze is proud to be involved in an associate producer capacity, and we’re looking forward to connecting at film festivals and screenings.

Find McAlpin’s comics on Amazon: “Multiplex Book One: Enjoy Your Show” (2010), “Multiplex Book Two: There and Back Again” (2014).



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