Filmmaking on WGN Radio

Filling in last night on WGN Radio for Patti Vasquez, I jumped back into my old routine of hosting the 11pm to 2am shift, which I did for a couple of years before moving to the Saturday 7-9pm weekly time slot I have now. It’s a deliberate schedule of caffeine and slap-happy-ness, followed by a big shot of Valerian tea to undo the caffeine and get to sleep after being radio-acceptably alert.

But, during the late-night caffeine dance, my fill-in cohost, Jen Bosworth, and I talked with filmmaker Marie Ullrich (and bike messenger Margot Considine from Cut Cats Couriers— an employee-owned bike delivery service) far too briefly about filmmaking, filmmaking while female, bike messengers, fear, and hesitation.

Listen to full show at

Margot Considine (Cut Cats Couriers), filmmaker Marie Ullrich, Jen Bosworth and Amy Guth | WGN Radio, Chicago

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