Business + Creative Services

Below are business and creative services we offer in addition to our film and publishing projects. Give us a shout for more info.

Media training and pitch clinic (more >>)
We offer complete broadcast media training and an in-depth pitch clinic for TV, radio, podcasts, videos and public speaking to help keep you and your business in front of producers, hosts and journalists, led by Strangewaze founder/Exec. Dir., Amy Guth, professional journalist with two decades of experience in TV, radio, and media leadership roles. This package is ideal for creating visibility for you, your business and your projects and includes the following:

  • How to meet your business/creative objectives with media appearances
  • Media training for radio, television, podcast and video (by Skype/Facetime) including how to tailor your message to the medium, skills broadcast hosts wish their guests knew, and how to be a great media guest including what to say, what to wear and what to bring
  • How to effectively present your business, knowledge, and expertise
  • How to effectively approach producers, hosts, journalists, and editors and build relationships with them so you get invited back

Trailer video for entrepreneur, authors, speakers (more >>)
According to a Cisco report, by 2019, online video is projected to make up four fifths of internet traffic, worldwide. And, even now, 73% of B2B marketers reported video is yielding positive results in a ReelSEO survey. But even in non-marketing-y terms, video is a great way to show a message/project and the human behind it.

We create custom trailer videos for solo entrepreneurs, authors, policymakers/speakers, and other creative people. Short, energetic videos can often convey significantly more detail, personality, style and information about your work than simple written copy. All packages include complete creative planning, on-location filming with professional video and sound equipment, on-camera interview, editing, music, and text graphics.

Trailer video for books, shows or projects
Trailers aren’t just for movies and tv shows anymore. More and more, theater groups, authors, event planners and non-profits are turning to video trailers to help generate high interest in their plays, books and events. We’re here to help. All packages include complete creative planning, storyboarding, location booking and management, casting, on-location filming and professional video and sound equipment and crew, editing, music, and text graphics.

Social media strategy for creative projects and professionals
Having trained over 2,000 journalists, artists and filmmakers, we offer custom social media consulting and strategies to help with individual projects and for creative professionals, with emphasis on building a brand, efficient use of time, and dealing with opposition.

Video consulting
Want to make a video, but not sure where to start? We can help. We offer highly affordable consulting packages ranging from simple advice, to creative direction, to serving as a complete project manager and producer for your project.

Video or podcast strategy consulting for small businesses
Almost every business needs a video or podcast strategy, but it’s hard to know where to start. We offer straightforward, professional consulting services to help design and implement a custom media strategy for your small business.

Because these packages are highly-tailored, please drop us a note to open a conversation about your specific needs.