Strangewaze is a cross-media production house that focuses on important stories by and about underrepresented voices, and in building sustainable creative community. That manifests in many ways: we make films, we publish art and writing, we organize events, and we help people take up space.

We make films, but only films we think will start a nice revolution, throw gasoline on an existing one, or help an author, artist, or creative entrepreneur start one of their own. We help other people make films when it’s a good fit.

We publish essays, books, chapbooks, zines, and multimedia non-fiction narratives, niche websites, and non-fiction stories over which we positively swoon.

We create events. We produce multimedia projects, and work with a lot of creative people, but self-starting hustlers only. We don’t do the hard work for anyone, but we do work hard alongside people already working hard when our missions align and believe in filling gaps for each other and making our community stronger. We look at ideas and proposals, and know a great idea when we see it, but most of our partnerships come from personal introductions and from people we already see building community, sharing their creative talent and busting their ass to make it work.

If that sounds like a love connection, give us a shout.
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