What do you do/make/sell?
We do a few different things, but our mission is focused on storytelling by and about badass, underrepresented voices. That manifests in many ways: we make films, we publish writing, we help people take up space to tell their stories.

How do you do that?
Film-wise, we focus on documentary, mostly, but also on animation. In the publishing realm, we publish and distribute essays, books, chapbooks, zines, and multimedia non-fiction narratives, and also help authors, artists, creative entrepreneurs and other makers take up the space they so richly deserve in order to tell their stories, via promotional services, short video trailers, social media and SEO, media training, and events.

What do you not do?
Fiction and narrative film. We’re about truth-telling and truth-tellers, and leave the made-up stories to those passionate about that.

Will someone from Strangewaze come speak at my event/on my panel?
Maybe, we love doing that and love meeting new people at events. But, first, was your event created in a spirit of inclusion, diversity of thought and representation, and sharing space…? (Not sure? look at your lineup: is it mostly white men? Then, no. No, it was not.)

Why is this called Strangewaze?
Two things: founder Amy Guth is one hell of a Smiths fan, and “Strangeways, Here We Come” is their last studio album. Secondly, the 1990 Strangeways prison riot, while nuanced and complex and violent and we don’t encourage prison riots, per se, was a 25-day affair in the UK that ultimately led to some degree of reform as far as prison conditions are concerned. So, again, we are a “no” on prison riots, but the name is a reminder of the small group of people in a fairly powerless position who were able to make change, nonetheless.

The alternative spelling (“Strangewaze” v “Strangeways”) is just a matter of domain and social media handle availability. So it goes.