Strangewaze is a creative production house. That means a lot of things. We make films, but only films that make us laugh or cry, that we think will start a nice revolution, throw gasoline on an existing one, or help an entrepreneur start one of their own. We help other people make films when we see that spark and might in them, too. We publish books and niche websites, but only books and subjects over which we positively swoon. We create events that matter and move needles. We produce multimedia projects, and work with a lot of creative people, but self-starting hustlers only. We don’t do the hard work for anyone, but we do work hard alongside people already working hard when our missions align. We look at submissions and proposals, but most of our partnerships come from personal introductions and from people we already see shining their asses off. And everything, and we mean everything, has to build the personal brand of everyone involved. Period.

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