Documentary about online harassment

Now filming: a documentary series about women and online harassment, civility and abuse. 

Specifically, it’s an episodic documentary and multimedia project about harassment and civility in the online world, how it relates to women and how some are working to change online culture.

While focusing on women’s stories in the modern, digital world and online spaces, the project also includes glimpses into historic examples of social media platforms (think Suffragist info pamphlets, broadsides, oral storytelling, newspapers, magazines, film reels, telegram) and how they were used in order to convey information, organize for social change… much in the way digital media is used now. By connecting past and present, the project aims to find out how the concept of public voice and conflict has (or, perhaps has not) changed over time, regardless of medium.

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Read more about the project on KickStarter, and follow the project on IMDB.