The Timemaker

“The Timemaker,” written by Jessica Oberhausen, is directed by Lilly Lilova, and stars Jessica Oberhausen, Zachary Weil, Lauren Demerath, Yvonne Nieves, and Madalyn Mattsey. (cast bios)

SYNOPSIS: Eighteen-year-old Lark must decide to live or die.

In order to stabilize the population after a widespread epidemic, the government offers immortality to all citizen in the form of an immune serum, a vaccine against death. As a result, births are prohibited unless an existing life is donated on behalf of the child.

Amidst the world’s changes, Lark longs to escape her desolate hometown, and lives only for her friends, Max and Carrie, whom she entertains with her captivating and imaginative storytelling. Troubled by her traumatic past, permanent school closings, and the death of her dreams in this new world, Lark stubbornly indulges in fantasy. When Carrie learns she is pregnant, Lark must face reality and help her friend find a life donor for her baby.

The film is currently in pre-production and will enter production in summer/fall 2017.

2018 | 103 minutes | Color 4:4:4 | Dolby 5.1 | 4K | 16:9 | NTSC

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